The author is engaged in disciplined photography that is pared-down in means of expression, referring to classical photography.
The exhibition consists of art photographs presenting the architecture of the Bydgoszcz Centre. Seemingly, this sounds banal; but only seemingly.
That’s because the exhibition is an image of the city that its inhabitants don’t get to see every day. The author deprived it of ordinariness, everyday greyness, urban noise – he froze it in silence, illuminated with sharp, “Italian” light, saturated with colour. Each art photograph can be viewed as two layers – the real one, presenting a particular tenement house, gate, window, a detail… but also the artistic, abstract one; they appear as balanced compositions showing the struggle for absolute harmony. Each photograph is not only a slice of reality, but, first of all, an image attracting the viewer with its unique aura, achieved by using an interesting combination of forms, textures and colours. The works show an outstanding photographic technique with no place for chance or arbitrariness. They are created with enormous respect for the viewer and with love for the home city. (Iwona de Rosset)Marek ¯ak – a citizen of Bydgoszcz. Born in 1955 . Graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Mikołaj Kopernik in Toruń. University teacher. Head of the Atelier of Documentary Photography of Monuments at the Institute of Monuments and Conservation. Author of many photography albums. Engaged in artistic, documentary and scientific photography.

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