About Light
The artist of light, Joachim Fleischer, works with, or first of all, on the light, in its purest form that is the white light. As far as earlier these were linearly moving sources of light, now for a couple of years he has been using industrial robots, by which the sources of light are moved freely within a room.
The exhibition shows an installation of many robots, which through the medium of light touch – in a certain defined choreography – the simplest things and objects of metal, organic glass and wire nets, casting shadows on the surrounding walls of the room. The images made of shadows are created on the walls, in a simple analogical way: from the source of light through the objects. However, these constantly changing images work as virtual animations, which make immaterial, artificial rooms and objects touching the space loom from the shadows. Fleischer s works show in a poetic way that not only the lighting-up light leads to recognition of the objects of the world, but rather through this light the emerging shadow of an object helps better understand it. These changing shadows are like constant observation, like multilayered telling of things. Spectators follow the movements of the robots hands with the sources of light, and at the same time the shadow images moving in accordance with their own dynamics. Synchronicity of various speeds and spatially changing images delude the viewers into a journey into and about the time. This exhibition was presented on 16.07 -11.09.2005 at the Kunsthalle in Mannheim. It is accompanied by a 134-page catalogue together with many illustrations and a German-Polish-English DVD. The DVD contains an outline of the most important works and stage productions of the artist within the last 10 years.

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