„Art is a slice of reality seen through the artist’s temperament,” I consider myself a searching artist… I hate to close myself within one creative path, as I hate mannerism and pigeonholing. Every new artistic idea, whether it be painting, furniture design and set design, acting in the public space is a conscious risk-taking to create an entirely new world of experimentation regardless of fashion and current trends… I want to be myself all the time…
Series of 35 images inspired by a small German seaside resort of Travemünde. It is a completely new painting project, launched in 2012 it will premiere at the BWA it’s unfettered combining of multiple techniques, ranging from oil painting, to acrylic, collage, markers, glue and paper. (Jakub Elwertowski)

Jakub Elwertowski 1976. Artist a painter, works with disabled children, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and from the Gdańsk Higher School of Humanities, founder of the artistic group Parter02 and Atelier of Creative Process „Apetyt”; co-founder, together with the Foundation for Art Art – House, of the „Kid Art Island 2011”, „Art Smuggling 2011” and „Kid Art Bus 2012”; does easel painting and street art, illustration, set design, architecture and industrial design; writes for „Express – dom.pl”
important exhibitions: 011 gallery, Od Nowa club in TORUŃ, 1999; the University of GÖTTINGEN (Germany), 2000; Municipal Gallery BWA BYDGOSZCZ, ‘the beginning”, 2004; PATRAS (Greece) „Polish-Greek exhibition”, 2004; PORT LOTNICZY gallery, PARTER02 group, 2005; art gallery IN LONDON (UK), 2007; Academic Space of Culture WSG, „contrasts”, 2007; Municipal Gallery BWA BYDGOSZCZ ;Kantorek gallery, „Bydgoszcz Askance”, 2009; PATRAS (Greece) „Polish-Greek exhibition”, 2009; the Ealain Gallery at Roy Sim antiques BLAIRGOWRIE (Scotland) 2009; Municipal Gallery BWA BYDGOSZCZ, „Polish-Greek exhibition”, 2010; House of Polish Culture, VILNIUS, Lithuania, „Where are we going?”, 2010; HALO project, Municipal Gallery BWA BYDGOSZCZ; E Arteve Academy, Tirana, Albania, 2011; the Old Palace in Ostromecko, 2013; „I’ve got an appetite for APETYT Drukarnia Fashion House, 2011; Art projects: Kids Graffiti 2007; KidArt Island 2011 ;„kids’ island of art”; Art Smuggling Karlskrona, Street Art 2011; KidArt Bus 2012 „We fish for art”
Exhibition open until 15.09.2013

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