Born in 1913 in Lvov, studied in Vienna and in the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (together with Kantor, Maziarska, Jarema). Organised students communist section. In 1936, she got involved with the Cracow Group. She cooperated with the Cricot Theatre.
Since 1949 she has been living and working in Warsaw. She is the author of several collections of poems. The BWA Gallery in Bydgoszcz will show about 100 works from the collections of Polish museums and galleries, and also from the artists study. It will be the greatest presentation of Rosensteins art since the 1970s. Erna Rosenstein has developed an individual language of artistic expression. She combines real shapes with abstract forms, reaches deep into her own psyche. She creates fantastic spaces in which particular forms permeate each other. Their physicality makes the painting seem spatial, and the space becomes surrealistic. What is characteristic for Erna Rosensteins art, is the diversity of applied techniques. Apart from traditional, her paintings feature pieces of fabric, cloth, strings, gauze, wood-wool -as if the artist, from the remnants of reality, created a new matter: delicate, fragile, one that can pass and be deformed. She creates paintings, assemblage, fantastic objects; she writes poems.
The exhibitions curator Beata Kaźmierczak
Exhibition: 2004.05.07 – 2004.06.20

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