From the point of view of lecturers and graduates, interior design is a way of organising spaces of various sizes, functions and styles in thoughtful and original ways. Such an understanding of the subject meant that bachelors and masters worked on tasks of great variety and complexity, not limited to one element, but comprehensive – consistent projects of space, rooms, decoration and equipment. Unconsciously becoming a part of the craftsmanship (guild) and artistic tradition, they created a masterpiece that allowed them to demonstrate an idea, invention, but also technical skills, starting from a drawing, and sometimes even a painting of the first concept, to turning it in the final presentation: display boards containing, colloquially speaking, plans, projections and cross-sections, visualizations based on axonometry and the use of computer “libraries” of a contemporary designer. They indicated that they can correlate the acquired knowledge with skills in many fields; move from artistic vision to the concrete project, in which functions, materials and costs are important.
At this year’s diploma exhibition, you will see a wide range of solutions by young designers, now graduates of the Interior Design department at the University of Technology and Life Sciences. When choosing a topic, students use the criterion of their interests, but also a kind of their “settlement” in the region – the perception of “places” in their immediate surroundings, which can be given a new form or a new form and function.
We realise that watching projects and visualisations is as boring as watching “talking heads” on TV programmes, which is why the exhibition is complemented by examples of student works performed in various classes. Works illustrating their experience of various matters of design and artistic expression. Using drawing and painting techniques, experiencing materials and their properties, creating illusions of space and “realistically” spatial forms – sculptures, mock-ups, object designs. We show the process of transition from abstract tasks to creating solids, analysing textures, lighting, etc. to the concrete THINGS and SPACE.
We hope that we will meet in the space of the Municipal Gallery bwa at the exhibition, and the university. Enjoy! Interior Design of PBŚ In Bydgoszcz.
Dr Ewa Urbańska

curator: Agnieszka Walther

Beginning: 14.09.2021, 6 p.m.
20 Gdańska St., Bydgoszcz
End: 10.10.2021

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