BIG RED; Diptych (220×340 cm), accompanied by 46 smaller forms (15×15
cm) &; it’s the number of human chromosomes. The canvases are made of the artist’s clothes
pulled over the stretcher,
glued, painted with tones of red or black, just like the colour of her attire.

Beata Pflanz – born on January 6th, 1961 in Poznań; 2002-2007 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in
Poznań; graduated from the painting study of Prof. Tomasz Psuja; theoretical
works under the direction of Prof. Jolanta Dąbkowska-Zydroń.
Her domain of interest is painting, drawing, installation, happening, actions
in space. For several years, she has been writing her Artist’s Diary.

A passage from text by Beata Pflanz:
A canvas.
Grey as everyday. Rough as a usual thing.
A little bit to the North, a little bit to the South. Patiently awaiting.
It will accept everything. It will bear every torment. Will passively subdue to the possessive
action of paints. Aware of its own helplessness. It only observes, stretched
and ready. Such a silent witness, with no right to speak.
A canvas.
Faithful like a dog: even if it was hurt, it won’t
growl. It will bear it, understandingly. Will be happy when I put my cheek to it.
Patient. Hungry for affection, receptive, eager and silent.
A silent observer of grey. At the same time, an admirer, a lover of
everything we will do to it, what it will gain.
A canvas.
It loves those changes. It loves the smell of paint, just like me.
How do I know?
Yesterday, when I put my cheek to it, it passionately cuddled up to me.
A canvas – roughness balmy to the fingers.
It cannot utter words, it does not articulate sentences. It cannot.
But it can convey its feelings. It sings to its own music,
stretched like a drum.
A canvas.
So I enter the study when the day closes and a sticky twilight oozes
through the window.
And I wait so, cheek to its roughness, and I wait.
I sink into its greyness. I don’t feel sorry for the wasted time. The moment will come when
it trembles, rubs against me.
I wait.
A canvas.
Gray and boring, seemingly.
April 5th, 2008, BEA

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