Barbara Łuczkowiak constructs a world of painting from fragments of impressions, experiences, and observation of colour. In her compositions, made in sundry materials,
she enshrines the space of conventionality of semiotics and archetypes.
Her pictures, drawings, and textiles are a kind of painting and constitute her entire oeuvre , linked with her sensitivity for colour and form. They reveal an image of the
world, of silence and secrecy, a record of imagination.
The works of each artist are achieved through his/her heroic efforts, arising from a sense of responsibility and the intrinsic value of Art.
Barbara Łuczkowiak undertakes the toil of everyday work, deepening artistic values of painting. She endeavours to express herself in the perspective of tradition.
She has chosen the path of great toil in defining the semiotics of her creativeness.
Wojciech Sadley, April 19, 2008

Barbara Łuczkowiak – born in 1955. Studied at the University of
Mikołaj Kopernik in Toruń, where she graduated in painting. In 1980, she
began postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, at the
Faculty of Experimental Cloth, under Professor Wojciech Sadlej. Now, as
an assisstant professor, she reads at the same faculty. Her domain is
painting and cloth.

Exhibition – 2008.11.29 – 2009.01.04

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