The Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz is the largest and most important art gallery in Bydgoszcz, established in 1949 (until 2005 known as Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych). The present building of the Gallery was founded in 1970. Two twin floors offer extensive spaces, each consisting of a large hall with an area of 364 m² and a small room with an area of 61 m²; on the ground floor there is another 118 square meters multimedia room.




The Gallery presented the works of both well-known foreign artists (Dali, Fleischer, Picasso, Warhol) and Polish ones (Abakanowicz, Bereś, Kantor, Nowosielski, Rosenstein). There are also group exhibitions (CHINaRT, Contemporary Art of Lithuania — Od Nowa, New Tendencies in Polish Painting). Gallery does not forget about the artists in Bydgoszcz, who have individual and collective exhibitions and competitions (Polygonum), and take part in artistic exchanges between Bydgoszcz and partner cities.



Gallery organises numerous lectures on art, film screenings, meetings with directors, film seminars, discussion panels. One of the major events is the annual Nights of Performance, where you can see performances by both Polish and foreign performers. Since 2011, Gallery has been working with the organizers of the Camerimage festival, which resulted excellent exhibitions among others: “Andrzej Wajda — Drawings”, “David Lynch — Lithographs”, „RH75-Ryszard Horowitz”, “Jessica Lange – Unseen”.



First and second floor
– dimensions of the big hall – 364m2 (14,80m / 24,60m)
– dimensions of the small hall – 61m2 – (7,50m / 8,20m)
– the height of walls – 3,84m
– air condition

Ground floor – hall
– dimensions 118 m2
– the height of wall 330 cm

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