Art at High Noon! Workshops for seniors
07/06/2019, 12:00pm
Subject: Take a photo or holiday photo guide
Presented by: Adam Juszkiewicz
A series of meetings devoted to art and culture in a broad sense, addressed to people aged 60+. The meetings offer discussions on contemporary art, and creative activities that develop cognitive processes, improving manual dexterity by learning different art techniques and forms of art.
June is the time of preparation for holiday travel. An indispensable attribute of every tourist is a camera, even the one in the phone. The number of photos that we take during the summer voyages is often astonishing, but is each of them “perfect”? What should be done to ensure that the visual souvenirs from the holidays also have an artistic value? At the upcoming workshops there will be not only theory, but also outdoor practice. Enjoy.
Please take your own cameras.
Adam Juszkiewicz – a Bydgoszcz photographer, populariser of photography and author of many photographic projects, who is engaged in portrait and documentary photography on a daily basis.

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