When asked about the boundaries of design, the famous American designer Charles Eames replied: The same as the boundaries of problems.
Every time has its own dynamics and challenges. Today, the most important tasks of design is not to design new fashionable objects, but to respond to the challenges of our time: ecological crisis, social problems, information and technological overload, changes in the definition of work. We live in a hybrid world, where the real world merges in a virtual world, the boundaries between the artificial and the natural, the real and the imaginary are blurred.
Designers search for new materials, business and organizational models, create new services. They are not afraid to break the taboo, they ask uncomfortable questions and destroy our imagination.
During the meeting I will talk about the most interesting projects I have seen during my travels, from the design fair in Milan to Polish design festivals, to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.
I invite you to a journey into an unknown future.

Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks
Lecturer in art history and design at the School of Form in Poznań, the University of Humanities and Social Sciences at the SWPS and Collegium da Vinci. For several years she has been involved in trendwatching – she visits festivals and design fairs, observes trends and changes in consumers’ lifestyles. She helps designers and companies understand the mechanisms and direction of these changes, and apply it to the creation of a new, valuable product, service or user experience. She cooperates as a consultant and coach of creativity thinking with Concordia Design in Poznań, which combines design, business and creativity. She writes about design and architecture for Design Alive Magazine.

05.02.2020, 6pm
20 Gdańska St.

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