A two-day workshop for children aged 6-12 with their carers.
First meeting 17.10.2021 (Sunday), 17.00
Continued on 18.10.2021 (Monday), 17.00
Duration: 2 hours with a short break
Registration: 53-339-30-62 or karolinapikosz@galeriabwa.bydgoszcz.pl
When we are little, one of our first achievements is the ability to imitate the sounds made by animals.
– What sound does a cat make, a dog, a cow?
Toddlers encouraged by adults meow, bark and moo.
But what sound does a man make? How do they sound? What noises do they emit? And who imitates us?
During a two-day workshop, inspired by and accompanying the exhibition by the artist Ela Jabłońska, we will reflect on the sounds we make. I do not mean onomatopoeia, but all that does not belong to the language and is often considered “ugly” noises.
We will look for sonic similarities and differences between genres.
When are we closer to birds and when to amphibians? When and how do our audio spheres intermingle and when do they exclude each other? What human sounds do animals like and vice versa?
These are just some questions we will be reflecting on together.
Relaxation, attentive listening and conscious breathing will help us in our quest. We will try to write down the sounds we collect, creating non-note scores, and finally, we will try to play our music.
We will have instruments, non-instruments and our maws at our disposal. Hear you soon, mammals!
Joanna Bronisławska / ASI MINA – artist, musician, teacher, cultural animator, activist She was born in 1975 in Katowice, where she lives and works.
Artist associated with the independent label mik.musik.! Member of the bands Mołr Drammaz and The Complainer, which she co-founded with her brother Wojciech Kucharczyk.
She made her solo debut in 2006 with the album “Wszystko mam! Tylko gdzie?”. She has given many concerts and artistic actions in Poland and abroad (OFF Festival Katowice, Opener Festival Gdynia, Ars Cameralis Katowice, Nowa Muzyka Katowice, Malta Festival Poznań, Unsound Festival Krakow, c-side Festival Israel, SKIF San Petersburg, Subtropic Festival Miami, Puls London).
She has been involved in non-systemic music education for over 20 years. She organises numerous original music workshops and cooperates with many artists from Poland and abroad.
She curated the EUgeniusz children’s stage, which took place in Warsaw in 2011 on the occasion of the inauguration of Poland’s Presidency of the EU Council. For this occasion, she recorded an album entitled “Wybiegły!” with a 40-strong youth brass band.
In 2011 and 2014 she was nominated for the title KULTURYSTA ROKU – broadcast by the Polish Radio Program Three “Trójka”.
She is an ambassador of the MUZYKOTEKA SZKOLNA.
2014 saw the premiere of her album “BIAŁO” based on Miron Białoszewski’s prose from the volume “Szumy, zlepy, ciągi”, which was released by BÓŁT records and mik.musik!
In 2015, in collaboration with the contemporary music magazine Glissando, Muzykoteka Szkolna and the National Audiovisual Institute, a CD was released with documentary recordings of music lessons and workshops that she conducts entitled. “jest LEKCJAjestTEMAT.”
Co-creator of an international art project – “EfterSóleyDMKAsiKids”.
She has been a member of the UNESCO Programme Board since Katowice joined the network of Creative Cities in the field of music. Since 2016, at the invitation of the Katowice Miasto Ogrodów Cultural Institution, she has been creating “MUZYKODROM – stacje lotów kosmicznych” (MUZYKODROM – music flight stations), a place where cyclical workshops on working with sound are held.
Since January 2017, she has been conducting a series of broadcasts for children and parents “Aukso4Kids” in cooperation with the AUKSO Chamber Orchestra of the City of Tychy.
She likes people. She is constantly running somewhere. She thinks a lot.

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