Is the desire to make contact enough to establish a relationship?
An attempt to get to what is common to humans – to the register of feeling.
Improvisation on sound, voice, movement, dance, murmurs, noise, silence, anxiety, fear, love, acceptance.
Two-person improvisation.
The performance accompanies the exhibition “Everything is a story of a certain love,” arranged by Ivan Sitsko and conceived by Danuta Milewska.
Emilia Biskupik – dancer, acrobat, choreographer and also a paramedic. She has been involved in artistic activities for many years, training, creating and sharing her craft. She is occupied with physical theatre, contemporary dance technique, contact improvisation and aerial acrobatics. She works with the flow of movement and breath in the body. She loves to improvise on stage and in life. She has extensive stage experience and has produced many projects and full-length plays. Co-founder of KIJO Dance Theatre in Łódź, co-organiser of many artistic events, including numerous editions of FRU – Contact Improvisation Festival in Łódź. She collaborates with independent artists, collectives and theatres.
Ola Kozioł – graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, where she works as an assistant She is occupied with performance, painting, video, installation and social animation.
She bases her performances on her voice, using the technique of white singing. She also loves to walk, treating “pilgrimage” as an artistic gesture. She touches on themes of animal rights, human and interspecies relationships, respect for nature. Seeking contact with nature in an attempt to find his identity and spirituality. She combines ecology with post-humanism, a critique of consumerism, feminist themes, and pacifism.
The musical projects she co-creates: Mutant Goat (“Yonder” album), 18 rzek, Miejskie Darcie Pierza, Chór Strzemińskiego. Together with Suavas Lewy she is a part of the collective Przepraszam. She curates, initiates, co-directs and supports educational, artistic and social projects, workshops for children and opening workshops with a voice for women.

03.09.2022, 6 pm
Gdańska 20

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