On Thursday, April 11th, in the Municipal Gallery bwa at 20 Gdańska Street, a promotional meeting of the Bydgoszcz Lexicon of Art will be held. The volume presents a general overview of the figures and events that make up the landscape of the Bydgoszcz art community in 1945-2015.
This volume is a continuation and culmination of a whole series of the previously published lexicons: theatrical, opera, musical and literary ones. Bydgoszcz Lexicon of Art was published by the Andrzej Szwalbe Society Dziedzictwo. During the meeting, several dozen free copies will be distributed among the guests.
The authors of the lexicon are Zdzisław Prus and Elżbieta Kantorek, who write in the introduction: Biographical data are presented here together with the general and often subjective characteristics and comments from the authors… Using passages from interviews and reviews, we tried to shed light on selected people, events, phenomena – to expose them in general, but not to overexpose them to their depths; suggest something rather than to categorically assess them. Not forgetting the undisputed outstanding and distinguished artists, or the most significant events, we also wanted to show the so-called background, ephemerides and marginalia, which often and significantly influenced the colour of the Bydgoszcz artistic milieu.

11.04.2019, 6pm
20 Gdańska St.

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