The easiest way to present the issue of our discussion is to juxtapose two areas. Fashion and art inspire each other, and the web of connections between them is very complex. Increasingly, the boundaries between the two worlds are blurring, thus leading to a discourse on the legitimacy of recognising fashion as a field of art. A turbulent discourse, but one that is practically impossible to resolve given, for example, the multiple definitions of the terms art and fashion. Nevertheless, it is possible to exemplify their interaction, mutual inspiration and even synthesis of the two worlds. We will explain the collaboration of these two fields using the example of various fashion companies mainly specialising in accessories and footwear, a field of wearable art. The lecture will be a kind of condensed compendium of selected incidents of the penetration of art into the world of fashion, with a focus on accessories, especially handbags. The examples presented confirm that art offers the fashion designer countless possibilities for its use, allowing him or her to seek innovative creative solutions. Handbags are particularly predestined in this respect, so it is worth looking to the limitless world of fine art for inspiration when designing them.

Agnieszka Gniłka – In 2016, she got her Master’s degree with distinction at the W. Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. In addition, in the same year she obtained her Master’s degree at the University of Łódź, majoring in Art History. Finalist of the 6th Fashion Designer Awards. She is currently an assistant in the Footwear and Accessories Design Studio at the Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Associated with the fashion industry, working for a Polish brand as a clothing designer – she specialises in women’s fashion. She creates original handbags under the name AGA GNIŁKA, in which she focuses on experimenting with the medium of natural leather. She values creativity, uniqueness and uniqueness in the creation of forms.

22.03.2023, 6 pm
Gdańska 20

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